Empowering CHILDREN

Transforming Israel

Working to create a peaceful, stable and stronger Israeli society by breaking barriers and building bridges for all of its children.

  • Orel

    ITEC Beer Sheva Graduate

    Orel, the child of Ethiopian immigrants, joined the ITEC sponsored “Future Generation” tennis program for Ethiopian children at the age of six.

  • Shadi Altori

    ITEC Beer Sheva Graduate

    After joining the ITEC family at a young age, he participated in ITEC’s Living Together program and eventually earning a scholarship to enter ITEC’s High Performance programming.

  • Nadine Fahoum

    ITEC Haifa Graduate

    Nadine is a fierce advocate for coexistence in Israel and has made it her mission to connect people and foster greater understanding.

  • Rotem Ashkenazy

    ITEC Tel Aviv Graduate

    Despite losing her hearing at a young age, Rotem has gained the confidence and skills to become one of the top tennis players in Israel through the support of ITEC.

Nehoray’s Story

“ITEC saved my child.”

Those are pretty powerful words. So, how did ITEC help?

Meet the Tzuberi family. They live in Akko. Shiran is a mother of two boys and she’s their primary care provider. She just started a new job after being unemployed for two-and-a-half years. 

Shiran realized her nearly 11-year-old Nehoray was falling way behind in school. He got very low grades, had trouble concentrating and neglected his homework. Nehoray ...

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