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Transforming Israel

Working to create a peaceful, stable and stronger Israeli society by breaking barriers and building bridges for all of its children.

  • Orel

    ITEC Beer Sheva Graduate

    Orel, the child of Ethiopian immigrants, joined the ITEC sponsored “Future Generation” tennis program for Ethiopian children at the age of six.

  • Shadi Altori

    ITEC Beer Sheva Graduate

    After joining the ITEC family at a young age, he participated in ITEC’s Living Together program and eventually earning a scholarship to enter ITEC’s High Performance programming.

  • Nadine Fahoum

    ITEC Haifa Graduate

    Nadine is a fierce advocate for coexistence in Israel and has made it her mission to connect people and foster greater understanding.

  • Rotem Ashkenazy

    ITEC Tel Aviv Graduate

    Despite losing her hearing at a young age, Rotem has gained the confidence and skills to become one of the top tennis players in Israel through the support of ITEC.

JEWISH RHODE ISLAND: Young Israeli, U.S. tennis players build ‘bridges’ in Newport


Posted Sunday, September 3, 2023 2:16 pm


NEWPORT – On a recent warm, sunny August day, tennis players from Newport and Israel showed that two cultures really can communicate through sport.

TeamFAME, from Newport, and a team from the Israel Tennis and Education Centers (ITEC) participated in the inaugural “Building Bridges Through Tennis,” a three-day event at the Tennis Hall of Fame that began Aug. 21.

Both organizations bring ...

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