Healthy Living

About the Healthy Living Program

The Israel Tennis & Education Centers is always looking to meet the needs of our children. As of 2013 the childhood obesity rates in Israel were nearly 17%. In 2015 we created a program to address this issue.

Through our Healthy Living Program, ITEC is on a mission to instill healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

The program works with children who are already classified as overweight or obese, and creates an individually tailored approach to addressing the physical fitness and health needs of each child.

The overall objectives are to heighten health and fitness-related awareness and advance healthy dietary habits and activities. Through early intervention, the program helps break bad habits before they become an unhealthy lifestyle, instead educating children on topic like nutrition, portion control, reading food labels, creating a balanced diet and more.

Close to 100 children participate in the Healthy Living Program at the following centers:

  • Akko
  • Ashkelon
  • Haifa
  • Ofakim
  • Ramat Hasharon