Special Update: On-the-Ground Support in Israel

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Posted on: 10/16/2023

This has been an anguishing week as we witness the ongoing tragedy in Israel. Each heartbreaking story we hear from our Centers and around the country strikes at the very core of our being.

The outpouring of calls, messages, and donations from our ITEC family around the world is a light in the darkness, providing strength to the communities around Israel. ITEC is honored to have you by our side as we continue our critical work for the children of Israel.

Am Yisrael Chai! עם ישראל חי

ITEC is one of the largest social service organizations in Israel, with 23 locations throughout the country, several of which are serving communities in the South that are deeply impacted by the recent attacks. Through the infrastructure we have built over the last 45 years, we have been able to take immediate action to help our children and their families who are going through unimaginable times.

  • Providing Mental Health Support ITEC staff are reaching out to hundreds of children and their families daily, via phone, text message, and personal visits to their homes to offer them access to mental health services with our trained professionals.
  • Putting Smiles on Children’s Faces For children in the South who have been spending days in shelters and not leaving their homes, ITEC is delivering board games and toys directly to them, which allows the children to disconnect from the turmoil surrounding them and experience joy.
  • Delivering Hot Meals – Delivering hot meals to ITEC families who are living close to the border and who have been deeply impacted by the recent attacks.
  • Relocation of Children from the Borders — Providing the opportunity to children from the Southern and Northern borders to relocate to safer areas with host families in Central Israel.
  • Bringing the Centers to the Children — Our coaches are sending instructional tennis videos to ITEC children they can do at home, providing them with a kind of routine until centers can safely re-open.

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