One Israel: ITEC Tiberias Hosts Refugees from Ukraine

Posted on: 04/08/2022

By: One Israel

The tennis center in Tiberias hosted refugees from Ukraine. The refugees enjoyed special tennis activities and even donations of clothing and games that were collected for them. Cholaria: “We could not stand back. Thank you to the Municipality of Tiberias for the support”

The Tennis and Education Center in Tiberias is a welcome initiative, having yesterday (Tuesday) hosted 100 refugees from the war in Ukraine who are staying in hotels in the city. Thanks to a collaboration with the Aliyah Department of the Tiberias Municipality, headed by Yoel Hadad, entire families came to the center, who enjoyed two hours of training and tennis games under the guidance of the local coaching staff.

Participants also received an overview of the Israeli tennis industry from the center’s director, Daur Chularia, who immigrated from the Soviet Union and immigrated to Israel at the age of four with his family following a war in the Georgia region. In addition, clothing, hygiene products, sweets and games for children were distributed to the families, donated by about 400 active tennis players in the center of Tiberias, from early childhood to old age.

The most prominent local players who have grown up over the years at the center on the shores of the Sea of ​​Galilee are: Victor Kulik, Guy Kobi, Igor Smilansky and Eliran Dave, who currently coach at the Academy of Tennis and Education Centers in Israel.

The center’s director, Daur Chularia, commented on the event: “Out of sympathy with the suffering of the war and the hardships of the refugees’ journey to Israel, we could not resist and were excited to give them a fun sporting event on the tennis courts.” For the children and the adults, who tried for their lives from the inferno in Ukraine. ”

This article from One Israel has been translated from Hebrew to English.