Tel Aviv

Israel Tennis & Education Center – Tel Aviv

Fondly nicknamed the city that never sleeps, Tel Aviv is an evolving history lesson. It features old sections such the first Tel Aviv neighborhood of Neve Tzedek, Bauhaus buildings from the mid-20th century and a wide array of boulevards and town squares. Tel Aviv is also Israel’s center of commerce, culture and entertainment. Located on the Mediterranean seashore, it offers visitors trendy nightclubs, cutting-edge theatre, first-rate museums and a bustling atmosphere that infuses the city’s rich history with modern cultural events.

However, like every large city, some of Tel Aviv’s neighborhoods score low on Israel’s socio-economic scale. Beneath the glitz and glamor lies a serious poverty issue. According to the Jerusalem Institute for Israel studies, 23% of Tel Aviv’s children live below the poverty line. It is in these impoverished areas where the work of ITEC Tel Aviv is most important. Keeping children at risk off the streets and in a productive and nurturing environment has been its mission since the Center’s inception, and the large numbers of alumni crediting ITEC with changing their lives is a testament to the success of the center.

Featured Social Impact Programs

  • Youth At Risk
  • Living Together
  • Special Needs
  • Girls Empowerment

ITEC Tel Aviv Center Manager: Tamir Morad

If you would like to visit ITEC Tel Aviv, please contact Betsy Smolar at or 646-454-9267.