Israel Tennis & Education Center – Ofakim

The city of Ofakim was founded in 1955 by Jewish immigrants from North Africa, Iran, India and Romania. Located in Southern Israel, it is a short 15-minute drive from neighboring Beer Sheva. Being one of Israel’s most impoverished cities, the children of Ofakim often come from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds. The city is becoming stagnant, and with an unemployment rate approaching twenty five percent, the citizens of Ofakim experience challenges on a regular basis. With less than ten percent of the city’s youth going on to gain degrees in higher education, ITEC Ofakim offers its children after school counseling and tutoring to improve their academic performance and provide them with the skills to excel.

Featured Social Impact Programs

  • Youth At Risk
  • Special Needs
  • Girls Empowerment
  • Head Start

ITEC Ofakim Center Manager:Amnon Abaev

If you would like to visit ITEC Ofakim, please contact Sophie Katz-Sulam at sophiek@tennis.org.il