Nussdorf & Mark Families Israel Tennis & Education Center – Jaffa

The years have only added to the charm of ancient Jaffa. The port-city’s mixture of old and new, antique and modern is one of a kind. The beautiful Clock Tower greets all visitors coming from the Tel-Aviv Boardwalk, while the Old City of Jaffa, with its narrow alleys and small art galleries, is nearby. It was at Jaffa where thousands of Jewish immigrants first arrived in Israel from Europe.

Unfortunately, today much of Jaffa is plagued by high rates of crime and poverty, underscoring the importance that ITEC Jaffa plays within the local community. The dedicated staff strives to help the varied communities of new immigrants, mainly from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia, as well as Arabs and children with disabilities who all take part in programs at the Center.

Featured Social Impact Programs

  • Youth At Risk
  • Ethiopian Embrace
  • Living Together
  • Special Needs
  • Girls Empowerment

ITEC Jaffa Center Manager:Rafi Cohen

If you would like to visit ITEC Jaffa, please contact Sophie Katz-Sulam at sophiek@tennis.org.il