Marjorie Sherman Israel Tennis & Education Center – Ashkelon

While the city of Ashkelon dates back to biblical times, it is home to Israel’s youngest population. Of the city’s 110,000 residents, one third are under the age of 20. ITEC Ashkelon is one of our larger facilities, specifically built to accommodate the flood of children who come through its doors every day. With 43 percent of Ashkelon’s population originally born abroad, the metropolis today is a thriving melting pot. ITEC Ashkelon has recognized the needs of the community and has dedicated a significant portion of its programming towards children at risk and children with special needs.

Featured Social Impact Programs

  • Youth At Risk
  • Special Needs
  • Girls Empowerment
  • Healthy Living

ITEC Ashkelon Center Manager: Tomer Suissa

If you would like to visit ITEC Ashkelon, please contact Sophie Katz-Sulam at