Harry & Evelyn Burg Israel Tennis & Education Center – Arad

Located on the outskirts of the Judean desert, the city of Arad, built in 1960, offers something for everyone. Known throughout Israel for its clean air and hypnotic desert landscape, thousands of visitors pass through Arad every year on their way to campsites or a dip in the Dead Sea. Modern day Arad is home to a diverse population of over 23,000 people including Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews, Bedouins, and new immigrants. However, the city is in a state of decline with a steady stream of residents slowly leaving due to the poor economic conditions plaguing the area. Arad’s unemployment rate is near 25 percent. As a result, ITEC in Arad serves as a beacon of hope for the many children that walk through its doors every day.

Featured Social Impact Programs

  • Living Together
  • Youth At Risk
  • Special Needs
  • Girls Empowerment
  • Head Start

ITEC Arad Center Manager: Leah Herskovitz

If you would like to visit ITEC Arad, please contact Sophie Katz-Sulam at