Another Historic Visit to ITEC: Morocco’s First Ambassador to Israel, Mr. Abderrahim Beyyoudh and senior ITEC executives hold two hour initial meeting

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Posted on: 09/12/2022

Morocco’s ambassador to Israel, Mr. Abderrahim Beyyoudh, visited ITEC for a two hour working meeting at its Ramat Hasharon center on September 8th.

Mr. Beyyoudh’s visit coming just a few months after the visit of Bahraini Ambassador (Mr. Khaled Yousif Al-Jalahma), is the second at ITEC for any foreign ambassador in Israel since 1976. 

This  visit of an Arab Ambassador featured ITEC’s unique excellence, equality and leadership based tennis system.

Ambassador Beyyoudh was hosted by senior ITEC staff and leadership led by Chief Executive Erez Vider, Int’l Vice Chairman Dan Diker,  Wimbledon Champion Andy Ram – head of ITEC’s championship academy, and Ronen Morali, Head of ITEC Tennis lovers programs and Israel’s Federation Cup coach.

The historic visit was coordinated by Alam Ibrahim , ITEC Israeli Arab community Liason and Manager of ITEC’s Sajur center, who welcomed and briefed the Moroccan Ambassador in his native Arabic.


  1. “The vision of Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, is to bridge nations, promote and encourage relationships between people, understanding each other.
    It is a sacred task and it requires a lot of work of the 2 parties. We did it at the cultural level and we are doing it in other areas as well”.
  2. “What ITEC do in tennis – encouraging human relations between people and between Jews and Arabs, we try to do in all areas, and this is our common ground“.
  3. “We hope to make the connection between Jews and Arabs, this is our mission, building bridges and bringing the nations to a situation where they can live together“.

Dan Diker:

  1. “Through tennis, we are succeeding to bridge cultures and build relationships between the Jewish and the Arab peoples and civilizations”.

Andy Ram:

  1. “All I have achieved in my life is thanks to ITEC, and if I can – every child in Israel can“.

The ambassador noted that ITEC is doing amazing things and congratulated them for that.
A possibility that in April 2023, a delegation from ITEC will go to Morocco for an initial introduction visit is being checked.