Wonderful Donation in Memory of Shoshana Kovalski

The Israel Tennis & Education Centers would like to thank the Kovalski family for
their wonderful donation in memory of Shoshana Kovalski, who recently passed away. Shoshana was the beloved grandmother of Gil Kovalski, ITEC alum and current board member.

Shoshana spent her life helping children with special needs, and the
family wanted to choose a project that would best reflect her lifetime
passions and pursuits. The family selected the ITEC’s Special Olympics team in Ramat Hasharon. The team includes nine athletes who train at the center up to three times per week. They also compete in three to four tournaments each year and are among the best Special Olympics players in Israel.

On Thursday, January 4th, a small ceremony was held to thank the Kovalski family. All the athletes were present as well as some of their parents and  many members of the Kovalski family, including Gil, his brother Ron, his father Slava and his uncle Ilan (Shoshana’s sons). The family spoke fondly about Shoshana and all the good she did in her life that will continue as they ‘give back’ to the children of the ITEC. Each player received a tracksuit with the words, “Shoshana Kovalski’s Team” on the back. The family was presented a small plaque by ITEC Manager Eyal Taoz, thanking them for their donation. Each athlete was introduced to the family so that they can get to know them and watch as they grow and thrive, thanks to their continued support. The ITEC extends our deepest appreciation to the entire Kovalski family for this incredible gift in memory of the matriarch of
their family, Shoshana.