Meet Daniel, 15 years old, who participates in the Embrace program for Jewish and Arab children at risk at the ITEC – Akko. Daniel comes from a poor family. If he didn’t play tennis, he wouldn’t be able to participate in any extracurricular activities.

He would be at home with nothing to do or, worse yet, getting into trouble. Two years ago when Daniel joined the ITEC Embrace program he was shy and introverted, and had very few friends. Tennis and the ITEC have given him the confidence to be a team player, culminating last year in being chosen MVP of the program. Daniel was also handpicked to be a ball boy at a prestigious international tennis tournament organized at the tennis center in Akko.

The ITEC has also given Daniel the opportunity to participate in normal afternoon activities. He comes to the center four times a week, and the ITEC – Akko has truly become his second home. His inspiring achievements are testimony to what children can become when given the chance to succeed in an environment like the ITEC.