barra itc stories

Barra, a 16 year old Bedouin, lives in Ka’abiyye, a poor village in Northern Israel whose people are known for their dedication to Israel. Ka’abiyye’s residents serve in the Israeli army, and Barra’s family includes great examples of leaders, both in the community and in the army.

Barra started playing tennis on the High Performance Program at the ITEC – Yokneam at the age of 10. Within two years she quickly rose to the top 10 in the girls U-10 and U-12 rankings. Barra had to take a break from the tennis courts because her family couldn’t afford to pay for her travel and training. Thankfully, the ITEC was able to find donors who covered all of Barra’s expenses, so she could continue playing and chasing her dreams.

In the summer of 2013, the ITEC gave Barra a scholarship to complete a coach’s course. Since then Barra has been helping the coaches at the center.

“We are very pleased to have Barra at the Center,” said Sharon Hauzer, Manager of the ITEC – Yokneam. “She is very passionate about the game and she likes to give back as well. Playing tennis at the ITEC opens a new life for Barra. It gets her out of her village and gives her opportunities she couldn’t have dreamed of.