Sheikh Mowafak Tarif, Spiritual Leader of the Druze Community in Israel Makes Historic visit to Israel Tennis and Education Centers

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Posted on: 07/04/2022

Sheikh Mowafak Tarif, the Qadi (spiritual leader) of the Druze in Israel and his entourage, visited the Tennis and Education Center in Ramat Hasharon in June 16th, 2022.

The meeting sought to deepen the connection between Jewish and Druze communities, and creating  partnerships through tennis, empowering Druze children and youth in Israel, and providing them tools to help them become champions and leaders on and off the court. 

ITEC sees the Druze Religious Council as a major partner who can drive initiatives in Druze society.

Sheikh Mowafak’s recent visit to ITEC reflects ITEC’s mission as an excellence-based society-sports organization, dedicated to the principles of equality, excellence, education and leadership development for each and every child in Israel.

 Sheikh Mowafak and his entourage said:

• “We support every initiative related to sports in the Druze society and are ready to help and to be harnessed for this purpose”.
• “We will hold a meeting with the heads of the Druze authorities, we will harness everyone in order to operate the center in Sajur”.
• “ITEC do a sacred work and save children whose financial situation is bad, this is a “mitzvah” and we bless you for that”.
• “The Shaykh and his entourage are at our disposal, will be harnessed together with the entire community and will do whatever is necessary”.
• “The education system must be harnessed as partners”.
• “The center in Sajur must be developed into a center that attracts all the cultures in the area”.
• “We intend to establish a steering committee to address the issue”.

Dan Diker, International Vice Chairman of the Israel Tennis and Education Centers who initiated the visit, said: 

• “We are in a historic moment. The eyes of all the countries in the region are watching us in order to learn from us in many areas”.
• “We must show the Middle East what is educational and moralleadership – that fosters excellence”.
• “We see Sheikh Mowafak’s leadership of Israel’s Druze community as essential to our partnership, that will allow us to carry out unprecedented initiatives together on a global scale”.