Nehoray’s Story

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Posted on: 07/20/2022

“ITEC saved my child.”

Those are pretty powerful words. So, how did ITEC help?

Meet the Tzuberi family. They live in Akko. Shiran is a mother of two boys and she’s their primary care provider. She just started a new job after being unemployed for two-and-a-half years. 

Shiran realized her nearly 11-year-old Nehoray was falling way behind in school. He got very low grades, had trouble concentrating and neglected his homework. Nehoray wasn’t on the right path. She needed support and help. 

A neighbor told Shiran about the Embrace program at ITEC Akko; this program takes a holistic approach for youth at risk. Embrace teaches discipline, helps them with social skills and boosts self-esteem; it was a perfect fit for Nehoray. As a bonus, Nehoray is a talented tennis player!

After joining the program, Nehoray’s behavior and attitude changed dramatically, thanks, in large part, to his coach, Niv Maman. Niv has invested time and energy into helping Nehoray, far beyond tennis lessons. He makes sure that Nehoray does his homework, calls to make sure Nehoray wakes up for school on time, provides support and advice. Through their unique bond, Nehoray says he feels like Niv is a second father. 

Now, Nehoray’s family says he’s thriving. His schoolwork and tennis are both equal priorities. Nehoray truly embodies ITEC’s principles of excellence, equality, education and leadership. The Embrace program has helped Nehoray to reach his potential.  Neharoy drew a picture of a hot air balloon and wrote the words “The Sky is the Limit” beneath it; that now hangs on his wall as a reminder that he can do anything. Niv, his family and the entire ITEC community are supporting him every step of the way.