Maccabiah Games Player Bio: Les Corwin

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Posted on: 07/13/2022

Les Corwin just celebrated a milestone 75th birthday and his party’s theme, “Going for the Gold,” reflected his milestone achievement of qualifying for the Maccabiah Games.

“I’m living a dream,” Corwin said. “I’ve always lived by the motto, ‘Don’t be afraid to dream because out of dreams come reality.’ This is going to be a dream becoming a reality.”

Growing up, Corwin’s childhood dream had always been to compete in the Olympics. He ran Division 1 Track and Field at Brown University and had his eyes set on running at the highest level of the sport. When that didn’t happen, but law school did, Corwin took up tennis as a hobby. He’s been playing tennis ever since.

Now, this renowned attorney will compete in the 75 to 80 year old division of the Maccabiah Games, representing the United States of America. He’s spent the last seven months training.“Going to Israel as part of Team USA to represent my country, my Jewish faith and my family is important to me,” Corwin said. “It’s a huge honor, it’s exciting and it’s humbling.”

Corwin’s father recently passed away at the age of 101. His father was a WWII veteran and his casket was adorned accordingly with the American flag. Corwin says that’s all his father wanted on his casket; he was fiercely proud to be an American. Corwin’s Team USA uniform, in all its red, white and blue glory, arrived the very same day as his father’s funeral. Corwin says it was a sign.

He’s looking forward to traveling to Israel with his wife, Jessie Bard, for the games, and sharing important Israel Tennis & Education Centers messaging with fellow competitors and spectators.

“We’re not all about tennis,” Corwin said. “ITEC is about the children, education, giving them opportunities and self-confidence. I don’t think the outside world knows a lot about that and that’s what I hope we’re able to convey.”

Corwin serves as an International Board Member for ITEC. He lives in both Bedford, New York and Boca Raton, Florida. He’s excited to co-host events during the Maccabiah Games and show people the impactful work ITEC is doing.

Nicknamed Les “My Way” Corwin, we know he’ll have his way on the tennis court, just like he does in the courtroom.