Your contribution to Israel Tennis & Education Centers (ITEC) will provide protection to our children and help them to overcome the trauma they have faced – after having to run to bomb shelters multiple times a day.

The fear and post-traumatic stress they are facing as a result of the recent devastating events is very real, and the process of healing will take time.

Operating in one of the most complicated and conflicted regions of the world, the safety of our children is always a priority. With the recent growth of ITEC’s programming, more shelters are essential now to keep all our children safe.

Your generosity will help to provide:

  • MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT for children to help them heal from post-traumatic stress due to the recent events in Israel.
  • MENTAL HEALTH TRAINING FOR COACHES to best help our children while they are in their care, and to provide them with proper tools to help the children overcome their stresses, anxieties and fears in the upcoming months.
  • COUNSELING for our coaches, children and their parents in mixed Jewish-Arab cities to help them bridge the social rift and restore mutual trust.
  • BOMB SHELTERS throughout our centers to keep our children safe.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS for at risk children to return to their ITEC home. With your love and generosity, our children will resume a normative routine from the terror that has shattered their childhood sense of security. They will laugh, play and forget about the sirens and the violence while they are at their ITEC safe haven.

Our children are counting on you— Embrace and Shelter Our Children with Love from North America!

To Make a Donation:

Note: Bomb shelters are available for dedication with a $25,000 donation. Please contact Jackie Glodstein (516-512-2062) or Yoni Yair (954-778-0940) to learn more.

Gifts of all sizes are appreciated-no gift is too small or too large.

Donations in honor or memory of loved ones and friends are acknowledged by ITEC with Tribute cards sent by ITEC.  Please complete the box in the donation page marked, Comments and provide the name of the person to whom you are paying tribute and the name of the person to who the card should be sent and their postal address.