COVID-19 Update

Shalom Haverim/To Our Dear Donors,

All of us are concerned about the spread of the COVID-19 virus around the globe and the impact it has on every one of us. The health and safety of our children, our staff, the state of Israel, our families in North America and you, our steadfast donors and supporters of Israel Tennis and Education Centers. During these unprecedented times, we want you to know that your family at ITEC is both thinking about you and sending our blessings to you at a time when comfort and compassion is what all of us need!

Everyone is taking necessary precautions, in their own way, to make sure we are all doing our part to help reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19. Your family at ITEC is no different. To that extent, as you all know, all Israel Tennis and Education Centers, as well as all development offices in the US and Canada, will be closed indefinitely. Our staff will be working remotely from their homes to minimize their risk.

This is a vital step to ensuring that our most valuable assets, the staff and children, are being taken care of properly. It is only the latest in a serious of difficult but necessary precautions to ensure the lives and mission all of us are invested in upholding are being taken care of during this critical time.

At the end of February, four students and two Managers from our Centers in Israel joined us for exhibitions and events throughout the Florida area. After four weeks, the tour in Florida came to an abrupt end due to COVID-19. While the full schedule could not be completed, the events united our athletes with our dear donors, showcasing how an ITEC education enhances the lives of children across Israel. Curtailing the tour was to ensure the safety of our supporters and to make certain that our ITEC team returned safely to their homes in Israel.

Stusents and their instructor holding tennis rackets

Click to Watch a Message from one of our ITEC Students, Noa


We are happy to report that all individuals safely returned to Israel. They are currently quarantined to their homes, along with their families, for 14-days but all in great spirits after an amazing experience.

As we all begin to monitor the developments of this virus more closely, now, more than ever, it is important we stay in communication. To that extent, we will be starting a weekly email, updating you on the status of the Centers and the students whose lives you have enriched by your contributions and care. The information is meant to not only offer a connection between you and our students, but a level of transparency into our operations at a very uncertain time. But our students and we want to hear from you as well…

Be sure to connect and follow us on Facebook and Twitter, as well as communicate with us through the emails we send to you. We encourage you to send us videos or photos and messages of encouragement and support for your ITEC children. We will be gathering, posting and sharing their stories to you and want to return the favor to them with your words of inspiration, love and support. While this is temporary, it is important they know the love of the ITEC family is not limited to the walls of the Centers.

We are told to, “Love thy neighbor as thy self.” Each and every child, staff member and donor of the Israel Tennis and Education Centers Family are loved in this way. While these are tough decisions, they are the right ones for the safety of everyone, both in the Centers, the state of Israel and North America. We commit to doing whatever it takes on our part to continuing to empower our children and transforming their lives. To you, our valued stakeholders, we will commit to making sure we maintain a level of communication that delivers on that promise.

If you have any questions or there is any way you can help us, PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY. Thank you for your continued support and continue to be healthy.

Shalom Aleikhem,

Erez Vider, CEO

Jackie Glodstein, EVP
Phone: (516) 512-2062

Yoni Yair, VP
Phone: (954)778-0940

Benjamin Beiler, President USA Foundation

Amy Harrington, Executive Director, Canada
Phone: (647) 746-0599

Kevin Green, President, Canada and International Chair