Children’s Emergency Relief Fund


Your contribution to ITEC provides for all children across Israel who are in urgent need of essential services and support.  

Children and families in Israel are facing unforeseen and unparalleled challenges. Israel Tennis and Education Centers (ITEC) is committed to delivering essential services and relief for any child in need.  Every donation we receive goes to aiding these children as the country pushes toward a post-COVID future. Your generosity helps to:

  • REOPEN 14 CENTERS TO FULL CAPACITY, providing children with a stable, warm and caring environment they can rely on to always be there for them
  • PROVIDE SCHOLARSHIPS for children in need
  • ZOOM MENTAL HEALTH SESSIONS for children to recover from the stresses experienced during lockdown.
  • PROVIDE HEALTHY MEALS for children at the centers.
  • IMPLEMENT A DAY CAMP to enable their parents to return to work and recover financially while the children are nurtured and cared for by loving ITEC staff.
  • SPECIAL NEEDS SERVICES to provide essential services to those with physical or cognitive disabilities

Now more than ever, your support provides critical help for all children in Israel.

To Make a Donation:

Gifts of all sizes are appreciated-no gift is too small or too large.

Donations in honor or memory of loved ones and friends are acknowledged by ITEC with Tribute cards sent by ITEC.  Please complete the box in the donation page marked, Comments and provide the name of the person to whom you are paying tribute and the name of the person to who the card should be sent and their postal address.