A Letter From ITEC CEO, Erez Vider

Dear ITEC family,

We are shocked and deeply concerned by the ongoing spike of terror attacks against Israeli civilians in Israel’s cities and towns.

This week, five more innocent Israelis were murdered in cold blood in the streets of Bene Brak, outside of Tel Aviv. This tragedy comes right after last week’s attacks in Hadera and Beer Sheva. This wave of terror is the most serious inside Israel since 2006; it reflects the ongoing idealogical war to destabilize peace and life in our small country.

To guarantee the security of the children at our centers, our top priority, and provide peace of mind to parents, we hired armed guards to secure the entrances to our facilities. In addition, we are reviewing and tightening our security procedures at all 17 ITEC Centers.

During these challenging hours and days, we proceed with great caution and unyielding hope that we can continue to build bridges between communities. We believe, now more than ever, that the work we are doing through ITEC is essential.

Nothing will deter us from strengthening the fabric of Israeli society from within and providing a peaceful future for all Israeli children.

With warmest regards to each of you in our beloved ITEC family.

Yours truly,



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Erez Vider

Global CEO